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Name: Mary-Anne
The Significance Of Your Username: jane_m_paris. for Jane Marie Paris. my all time favorite name.
Gender: female
Age: 20
Location: canada
Sexual Preference: i'm about a 3 on a scale of 0 to 6, 0 being completely straight and 6 being completely gay.
Martial Status (Pictures?): i'm in a long term relationship with luke diamond:

Zodiac Sign: aries
Religion: i really don't like organized religions, but i do believe in a higher being, no matter how crazy it is.
Nationality: Canadian
Piercings/ Tattoos (Pictures?): i'm getting another fairy on my foot soon :)

Try to keep answers to five or fewer.
Movie: hmm... the island, lord of the rings, moulin rouge
Actor/Actress: hugh laurie, julia roberts, will farell
Band/Solo Artist: ANI DIFRANCO.... tegan & sara, incubus
Element: fire
Swearword: gat dammit
Book: the giver, her mother's daughter, summer sisters
Place: a tree fort
Time of Day: 11am
Season: fall <3
Fetish: hmm... i wouldn't really call it a fetish but i do love feet.

**Opinions (Choose at least three!)**

Gay Rights: well since gay people are in fact people, --humans, then they should therefore have the same rights has non-gay humans. as for gay marriages, i think it should definitely be legalized, and it baffles my mind to think that someone, somewhere cannot marry the person they love. it seems IS wrong.

Abortion: is devastating. but humans have the right to do with their bodies what they wish, who am i to judge?

Legalization of Marijuana:

Teenage Drinking:

Religion: as i said, i'm not a fan of "organized religion" (such as catholicism) because almost everything they preach is written in a little book and nothing comes from the heart, when i pray to god i speak my own words, not something written by man and shoved in front of my face. i was a catholic for many years so i'm not just guessing at this either, i've had to say many prayers that i didn't know the meaning of.

Separation of Church and State:

Animal Rights:

Death Penalty:

Plastic Surgery: i personally would never get cosmetic surgery but in some cases it can actually help a person. for example, if you were extremely overweight and your appearance was making you depressed, then i don't see the problem in getting lipo to fix the problem(as long as you could afford it). i do however think its outrageously stupid for someone like ashley simpson to get a nose job when it was the only cool looking thing about her.


Affirmative Action:

**Random And Vital**

Have you ever watched porn? What’s you’re opinion on the pornography industry?: yes i've watched porn! i think the industry is completely UNNECESSARY. i'm sure a lot of people LIKE watching porn, but i don't think anyone actually Needs it. so much bad comes from the porn industry: child porn, STD's, violation of women (in some cases)... i'm not a fan of porn. ...yuck

Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’?: um, no i guess not. the first time i met my bf i certainly didn't love him. loving someone takes TIME and effort and patients and understanding, its really not something that just happens for no reason. lust at first sight on the other hand is something i think we've All experienced!

Have you ever thought that someone would be ‘Just Perfect’ for you, based on looks alone?: ... well i guess i have the image of the perfect guy, dark hair, tanned skin, kinda buff, not too tall.. but i definitely don't limit myself or think that a guy that looked like that would be the right one for me.

Pick one song lyric that describes you: This means one or two lines, not a whole fucking song!

when i'm approached in a dark alley,
i don't lift my skirt
in this city,
self preservation is a full time occupation..."

Pick a song lyric that describes how you’re feeling right now:

the same rule always applies:
smile pretty and watch your back

When taking a stance in an argument or political issue, do you usually use your own instinct or examine the facts closely?: i'd go with facts.

Make an observation about life: the only way to get through life happy is knowing that it's your life, and therefore it should revolve around you. do things to keep yourself happy, don't try constantly to impress others or act a certain way.  keep people you love around, and get rid of the ones you don't. etc.etc... it definitely works for me :D

Do you believe in the “an eye for an eye” way of revenge?: i think revenge is a waste of my precious energy.

One word that sums up who you are: Fairy-Animal

What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ CD?: i have 2: Aqua - Aquarium and Celine Dion - Greatest Hits... don't tell anyone.. haha

If you died today, would you be happy with what you did in life?: well seeing as i haven't done much yet... no, i would be quite upset, i need more time.

Does saying, “I’m sorry,” really mean anything?: only if i trust the person who's saying it. if luke said he was sorry i would know he meant it, but my mom on the other hand doesn't get my forgiveness that easily. it has a lot to do with trust.

What is your definition of reality?: reality is the calming feeling you get when you wake up after an intense night of partying and are still in one piece, and you feel happy even though your head is pounding, and you can't find your wallet...

</a></b></a>brittmarie asks: What are 5 of your most random obsessions?
buying a new wallet or purse every pay day
iced cappuccino
reading the phone book

Promote the community in three places, and provide links here [Optional: Promote in a public journal entry within the journal's TOS]:

Why did you choose this application?: i didn't think i'd get in on my looks, creativity or opinions alone...
How did you find this community?: a comment from 
What question do you think should be on the application? Answer it:

Q:: How much time do you spend on the computer and what are you usually doing?:
A:: i'm on about an hour or so a day, sometimes way more sometimes way less, and i'm usually playing the sims or taking pictures of myself.

**Original Work**
Post an original poem, photograph, whatever, you please. Please keep the length reasonable. You can post the uber long things later, if you're accepted. This is completely Optional.

Post 5-10 Clear Pictures. No extreme angles, no photoshopping; we want to see you.

this is me right now, it's like 1am... i should be in bed!

i guess i was excited.

well now, that's a funny hat... i'm on the left. :D ...ps: we have tube tops on...

me at my friend's prom... o how i miss my blonde hair.

luke told me not to eat the yellow snow, but i thought it tasted fine.


pj party

this one is about 20 years old. but still cute :D
(notice the facial expression is the same in most pics. haha)

If you are accepted, please post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the information page. Thanks!

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