Megan (missscreamer) wrote in biteme_freak,

Stamped//Get To Know Me Survey

Do you live with your parents?: yes
Do you and your parents get along?: Yes
Are your parents together still?: Yes
Are both your parents living?: Yes

Do you have siblings?: Yes
Names?: Jacqueline and Jason
Ages?: Both 27, they are not twins. One is from each of my parents first marriage.
Sex?: Female and Male

Do you have Aunts and Uncles? Yes
What side of the family?: Both
Cousins?: Yes

Do you regularly see your grandparents?: I see my dad's parents more than my moms side simply because my moms live in Hawaiia.
Are your grandparents still living?: My grandfather on my dad's side died when I was 11, it was hard because I was with him.

Do both sides of your family get along with each other?: Yeah, they talk to each other on the phone and plan trips together.

Who is the youngest in your immediate family?: I am.
Who is the oldest in your immediate family?: My dad, but out of siblings my sister.

Are you married?: No
Are you living with a significant other?: No
Do you have kids?: No
Are you planning on having kids?: Not till I get my schooling and work taken care of.
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