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application you say

Name: Claire
The Significance Of Your Username: tagliateli-oh god to be honest it was the first thing I could think of when I started up my lj, I beleive it was around the time I was vegetarian and living on quite alot of pasta.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Sexual Preference: Bi
Martial Status (Pictures?): On again/Off again
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Religion: Don't like organised religion
Nationality: Scottish
Piercings/ Tattoos (Pictures?):

Also got a couple of cherries on my hips. Nothing too exciting so far, namely due to budget. Nose piercing and 14mm tunnels. Again nothing special.

Try to keep answers to five or fewer.
Movie: Oldboy, Battle Royale,Shaun of The Dead, I'm a Cyborg but thats okay,Anastasia
Actor/Actress: scarlett Johannasan
Band/Solo Artist: The Bled, The Cramps, Dillinger Escape Plan, Wanda Jackson, Pendulum
Element: In the water I am beautiful.
Swearword: Cunt
Book: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut-Lonesome no more,Welcome to the monkeyhouse,breakfast of champions. I've got a soft spot for Lolita and the Devil and Magarita as well.
Place: Edinburgh, I just love it during the Fringe festival-the weathers amazing and the atmosphere is unbeatable. Edinburgh at Christmas is amazing too, I love going on the big wheel, the german market, the ice skating. I'm a sucker for my city.
Time of Day: Depends on my body clock to be honest, I tend to like the evening though just cause its usually spent with him trying to cook dinner then watching some crappy hollyoaks. Horribly mundane but I love it.
Season: Summer
Fetish: Biting,scratching,corsets,burlesque,tassles, latex-I'm in love with house of harlot at the moment, but beleive I'd have to sell off some of my old corsets to be able to afford anything from there.

**Opinions (Choose at least three!)**
Gay Rights: I'm not going to sit here and spraff "love is love" [I hate that phrase] but yes, of course I'm for equal rights for gays. They should be treates the exact same as someone who is heterosexual is treated. Pro-equality for gender,oritentation or race. Of course none of this happens in a perfect world, but it would be damn nice. Its like when someone asks should gay couples be allowed to marry in a church? Yes-if its something they beleive in. I feel the exact same way for anyone who would want to marry in a church.
Legalization of Marijuana:
Teenage Drinking: As hypocritcal of me as it is, I have come to hate teenage drinking. I think I just needed a bit of perspective, cause when I was younger I did drink, and thought drinking = good time. It's too easy for kids to get cigerettes and alcahol theese days, and they are bombarded with images from the media that these things are socially acceptable. It makes people grow up too fast, I mean jeezo I read about an 8 year old who got her stomach pumped the other week-what the fucking hell? Places should be stricter on id. End of.
Separation of Church and State:
Animal Rights:
Death Penalty:
Plastic Surgery: For medical reasons, jeezo I wouldn't bat an eyelid, but I don't think plastic surgery is always the best option for people. I mean its just an easy fix isn't it, and I feel there isn't enough research into the psychological repurcussions. I mean if someone wants to change there face completley [and I'm not talking standard burn victim skin graft] then there is, I feel some underlying psychological issues that need to be dealt with before your handing over your cheque for $10,000 or whatever.
Affirmative Action:

**Random And Vital**
Have you ever watched porn? What’s you’re opinion on the pornography industry?: Yess. What do I think of it? I just see it as another business transaction to be honest. I mean people can argue till there blue in the face about the exploitation of woman in the porn industry and yeah, sure thats a factor, but thats only part of the industry. We live in a capitalist world, and to make money, you got to exploit somebody-that's the system. I just feel sometimes people choose woman in porn as a scapegoat to argue against something that they themselves aren't comtarble with.
Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’?: No-purely lust.
Have you ever thought that someone would be ‘Just Perfect’ for you, based on looks alone?: Nope
Pick one song lyric that describes you: This means one or two lines, not a whole fucking song!
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the real thing whit low key sensibilities
I don't need what I've got
Half as much as anyone covets it
Pick a song lyric that describes how you’re feeling right now: Let's be honest, you know you shouldn't bother
'Cuz with me, it's impossible to win
When taking a stance in an argument or political issue, do you usually use your own instinct or examine the facts closely?: Politics or any kind of debate [ie stem cell research] I always make sure I know what I'm talking about. Knowledge is power.
Make an observation about life: Most people you'll meet theese days will have more faces than the tomb clock.
Do you believe in the “an eye for an eye” way of revenge?:I'm not one for vengance at all thanks.
One word that sums up who you are: Competitive
What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ CD?: Fall Out Boy
If you died today, would you be happy with what you did in life?: No. Still alot of places I need to see, books I need to read, people I have to meet.
Does saying, “I’m sorry,” really mean anything?: Yes. People make mistakes. We're only human after all.
What is your definition of reality?: A series of accidents that happen one after the other.
</a></b></a>brittmarie asks: What are 5 of your most random obsessions? Random obsessions? Um my never-ending pursuit to make the perfect sushi roll. My love for Doctor Who. Atmosfear [the video board game] Hogan knows best and Junko Mizuno.

Promote the community in three places, and provide links here [Optional: Promote in a public journal entry within the journal's TOS]:
Could someone give me the html for a banner to promote? That would be grand-couldn't find it on the userinfo =/

Why did you choose this application?: Seemed like the most fun
How did you find this community?: Having a general gander through lj communities tbh.
What question do you think should be on the application? Answer it: Who would you invite to the dinner party of dreams? Well my dinner party is slowly turning into a sexy corpse party due to some of its guests being kind of well, dead. However I'd have Kurt Vonnegut, Phillip Larkin,Charlie Brooker and David Lachapelle.

**Original Work**
Post an original poem, photograph, whatever, you please. Please keep the length reasonable. You can post the uber long things later, if you're accepted. This is completely Optional.
Like Your Heart Dropped Acid

And you know you're half broken; feels like your jutting ribs are cutting into you more every day. I don't have to watch your envy kick your pride in the balls. I don't have to listen as your enigma prevails in an argument with facts. A mind cast to the gallows, a Holocaust for your very own heart. You can roll those sunken eyes all you want, dearie.

Subtle at first. One smoke, two smoke, three smoke, four... And, karmic, no one ever questioned you about it as you had hoped, even though you had an answer for every cigarette. Overdoses and guns were too shocking; slitting wrists too much like a teenage girl. (Sometimes, I wonder if you forgot that's what you were.) Out-and-out suicide was wrong, you said, but it lost its sting if you strung it out over decades. All our old friends, the ones you started hanging out with again, the ones who quit smoking, they'll roll cigarettes for you. They love to roll cigarettes, and roll their earrings, and argue about anarchy. And you love them, and you love the cigarettes, the music, the sweat and patchouli, the panhandling, how their...your...minds always beat in straight time.

But you fell measures behind, and the music, the freight-hopping, the cigarettes, they mean nothing to you now. Everyone knows your beauty scars aren't from brambles or kittens, and that's the way you like it. You can only use that bleach as an excuse for hair caught in the drain for so long.

I'm listening to you recount your inner-battles, with all the vehemence of a wall flower, and I finally understand.

You just want to be beautifully fucked up. Or pretty, like your heart dropped acid.

Post 5-10 Clear Pictures. No extreme angles, no photoshopping; we want to see you.

Ah halloween

sorry, found them, they made me recall some good times.

one on the left

one on the right

Ah hulk hogan bus time
To all my little Hulkamaniacs........say your prayers, take your vitimains and you will never go wrong"

One on the right-yeah there is too much flash, but I like my hair here and it was for Franjams birthday.

Sure my teeth look funny here but god it was a good wine

Blondes throw the best dinner parties.

If you are accepted, please post a 100x100 picture of yourself for the information page. Thanks!

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