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Type your cut contents here.**

Name: KerilynRose
The Significance Of Your Username:its the number of films Ive done. it should be 18 now but I cant change it now, at the time I didnt think I would finish that last one becuase I had quit.
Gender: Female
Location:Long Island
Sexual Preference: Straight
Martial Status (Pictures?): Single
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Religion: I really dont follow any religion.
Nationality: American unfortunatly.
Piercings/ Tattoos (Pictures?):
I have a small heart on my hip which I want to get covered so badly.

Try to keep answers to five or fewer.
Movie: Velvet goldmine, Forbidden zone, Day of the dead and Suspiria
Actor/Actress: Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor
Band/Solo Artist: New York Dolls, Fiona Apple, Against me![ pre fat] this bike is a pipebombb
Element: plutonium

Swearword: Fuck, it can be used in nearly every sentence.
Book: 1984
Place: Greenport, Port Jeff and Long Island urban exploring buildings.
Time of Day: early morning, late night and dusk
Season:late summer.
Fetish: biting

**Opinions (Choose at least three!)**
Gay Rights: Gay rights is different then gay marriage( Im against ALL marriage so my views on that are obviously different). They are people and therefor shouldn't be denied the rights that other people have, nor should they be discriminated against for any reason.
Abortion: Abortion is difficult, its not an easy fix to a problem, its emotionally and physically painful but woman have rights to their own body and the choices they make. Its better to have it legal and have facilities set up then have it be outlawed and hangers being passed around like joints.
Legalization of Marijuana: It would just become another industry, itd be expensive to get and probably not as good as it could be due to all the restrictions put on it. I dont believe in throwing people who possess the drug in jail with real criminals, thats just mind boggling.
Teenage Drinking:
Separation of Church and State:
Animal Rights:
Death Penalty:
Plastic Surgery:
Affirmative Action:

**Random And Vital**
Have you ever watched porn? What’s you’re opinion on the pornography industry?: porn works if the actors and actresses arent being completely exploited and underpaid. Voyeurism is part of our natural instinct. Ive watched porn a buncha times, either for kicks or to get tips and tricks.
Do you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’?: I believe its pheramones, not love. Pheramones at first sight is real, it once again is a part of our human nature. Love takes time to work at and perfect, and most of the time it doesn't even exist.
Have you ever thought that someone would be ‘Just Perfect’ for you, based on looks alone?: No, come on. Just perfect to sleep with hahah yes, to be with, no. He could be stunning but a complete idiot moron who believes in the toothfairy.
Pick one song lyric that describes you:
Pick a song lyric that describes how you’re feeling right now:
Leave me alone, for you know this isn't the first time
In fact this is twice in a row
That the angels have slipped through our landslide
And filled up our garden with snow

When taking a stance in an argument or political issue, do you usually use your own instinct or examine the facts closely?: I try to examine the facts seeing as that is what really counts in an arguement although I choose my words and thoughts on morality and instinct.
Make an observation about life: Its secondary to existance.
Do you believe in the “an eye for an eye” way of revenge?: Depending on the extremity, you punch me hell yeah Im gonna hit you back. Death, Humiliation and emotional abuse shouldnt be tampered with though, karma will take care of that.
One word that sums up who you are: awkward
What is your ‘guilty pleasure’ CD?: Hot Shot- Shaggy. First cd I ever purchased myself. Still love it more then anything.
If you died today, would you be happy with what you did in life?: If I knew i was going to die today and got to say my goodbyes yes. If not there is so much left unsaid in my life.
Does saying, “I’m sorry,” really mean anything?: Saying it, no. Feeling it and meaning it yes.
What is your definition of reality?: Reality is secondary to life.
</a>brittmarie asks: What are 5 of your most random obsessions?
fatfree vanilla icecream with rainbowsprinkles in a sugarcone
math, i love math and solving equations and logic questions.
horror movies, i watch atleast 3 new ones every week i cant get enough
vanilla body product, i cant not smell like vanilla.

Why did you choose this application?: there are so many different sides to me, Im moderate in everything and I dont specialize in one thing.
How did you find this community?: JustxxDucky
What question do you think should be on the application? Answer it: Whats your dream occupation? it varies between filmmaking, cosmetology studies, and something to do with math. Right now Im enrolled in Cos at a tech school for next semester and im so excited.

**Original Work**
Post an original poem, photograph, whatever, you please. Please keep the length reasonable. You can post the uber long things later, if you're accepted. This is completely Optional.


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