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Nick and I went in for a consultation at David's Bridal yesterday. We registered and then I got to try on some gowns that I looked fantastic in.

I had Nick take pictures (with permission from DB, of course).

Go check them out and tell me which one is your favorite, or what you like the most in each one.

Dress one


2 The back was awesome.

3 I look kind of like a goon.

Dress two

1 This one was our favorite.

2 But Nick likes strapless gowns better so if we were to get this one, we'd have the straps altered away.


4 Happy couple!

5 Another bride-to-be took this.

Dress three

1 This one was actually too small for me! She had to pin it to the bra.

2 We weren't really feeling it. It was kind of too much, but the sash around it was pretty cute and is the color we want the bridesmaids' dresses to be.

Dress four

1 This one is allegedly the dress they have that flatters very few people.

2 But she brought it out because she said I have the perfect figure for it.

3 Lawl.

4 I modeled and Nick took one picture of me

5 And one in the mirror.

Dress five

1 This one was a size 10. Their dresses run in European sizes, so I was a size 4... it was pretty big but it was the smallest they had in that style.

2 I look goofy again here...


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