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Are you a virgin?: Yes

If not
How old were you?:
Where did you lose it?:
Who did you lose it to?:
Favorite Position?:
Favorite Toy?:
How often do you have sex?:
How often do you masturbate?:
Does Size Matter?:

If You Are
Where do you envision losing it?: My house / their house.
Who do you think you'll lose it to?: Jason or Romaka...at this point I can't tell
When do you think you'll lose it?: This summer / next fall
(Without being too graphic)What else have you done?: Everything else. =)
Favorite Toy?: Not for me.
How often do you fool around?: At least monthly, I guess.
How often do you masturbate?: Hardly ever.
Fetishes?: food

Do you live with your parents?: Yes, for the summers.
Do you and your parents get along?: Dunno. We don't really talk.
Are your parents together still?: Nope. Haven't been since like, '91. Dad remarried, Mom remarried, now divorced again.
Are both your parents living?: Yes

Do you have siblings?: Yes
Names?: Joe / Nina / Anthony (deceased)
Ages?: 28 / 16 / 7 (at death, 10 this summer)
Sex?: M / F / M

Do you have Aunts and Uncles? Yup
What side of the family?: 2 sets on my mother's side, 2 sets on my father's side
Cousins?: seven, both sides.

Do you regularly see your grandparents?: Hell yeah.
Are your grandparents still living?: Everyone but my paternal grandmother.

Do both sides of your family get along with each other?: I guess so...they never interact. THEY get along better than my parents do, though. =D

Who is the youngest in your immediate family?: My little brother...I'm still counting him. If not, well my sister Nini (16).
Who is the oldest in your immediate family?: My dad (51).

Are you married?: Nope
Are you living with a significant other?: Nope
Do you have kids?: No
Are you planning on having kids?: I'm planning on having a small army.

Yourself: Insane.
Your Lover: Undecided!
Your Hair: Boring.
Your Mother: Childish.
Your Father: Childish.
Your Favorite Item: Laptop.
Your Dream Last Night: Odd!
Your Favorite Drink: Juicy.
Your Dream Home: Clouds.
The Room You Are In: Dorm.
Your Pets: Cats.
What You Are Now: Hungry.
Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Myself.
What You Want to be in Ten Years: Known.
What You're Not: Simple.
Your Best Friend: Colourful!
One of Your Wishlist Items: Books.
Your Gender: Undefined.
The Last Thing You Did: Bed.
What You Are Wearing: Outfit.
Your Favorite Weather: Spring-like.
Your Favorite Book: Demian
The Last Thing You Ate: Pizza.
Your Life: Rushed.
Your Mood: Anxious.
Favorite article of clothing: Brown.
Favorite color: Blue.
School: FINALS.
Song: Fun.
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